Growth chart

“Is my child short?” is a common question asked by many parents. Regular increase in height and weight of a child is an important indicator of good health. In order to measure this indicator, we use a simple, cheap, and effective tool called ‘Growth Chart. Despite Growth Charts having being around for several decades, they are being underutilized in the medical community, therefore, leading to delayed diagnosis of short children, and therefore, leading to suboptimal care.

Growth charts are a simple, cheap and effective tool that have been accepted as a basic and essential component of children’s routine care, just on par with vaccinations. However, for various reasons, most children end up not having a growth chart being used properly in their care.

Having a growth chart put for each child as per recommendations {vide infra} helps by :

a) Reassuring parents about a child’s normal growth


b) Picking up medical disorders early, therefore, using less expenses for medical care and still getting better outcomes

If you are concerned about your child’s growth {height and / or weight}, it may be worthwhile seeking a Paediatric Endocrinology consultation.