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About Dr.Smita Koppikar

Dr.Smita Koppikar spent 12 years in Europe, and was trained in Paediatric Endocrinology in the United Kingdom. Subsequently she had been a Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. She had also set up a supra-regional Insulin Pump service for children with Diabetes in Ireland, i.e worked for children covering two hospitals in the region. In addition, an overhaul of the Paediatric Endocrine care in that region was successfully undertaken. These steps have enabled families across two large regions and/or large hospitals to avail of better and up-to-date treatment for such conditions for their children..

She has permanently relocated to Mumbai, India. She has set up a joint-specialty clinic for optimal care of children with Intersex /DSD conditions. She has also set up a Juvenile Diabetes support group.

Work Experience

20 years {UK 11, Ireland 1, India 9}

1) Most recently :

  • Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist            - Sai Child Care Hospital Panvel {Mohite Children’s Hospital}  Kharghar Medicity Hospital 
  • Mitr Hospital Kharghar includes the Joint specialty Intersex clinic Honorary Consultant  – Sion Hospital 

3) Consultant Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes : United Kingdom (National Health Service)  2011 to 2013 

2) Training At : South Thames Rotation  St. Georges Hospital,Guys & St.Thomas’s Hospital Great Ormond Street Hospital

4) Consultant Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes : University Hospital Limerick, Ireland. Specially recruited to 1)establish a supraregional Insulin Pump service for children under five 2) Undertake a service review of Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes service.

What Is Paediatric Endocrinology?

Paediatric Endocrinology means ‘ children’s hormonal conditions ‘. Specialists of this kind are very few in India, and Dr. Koppikar brings the expertise of 12 years of Europe to India. Many of these conditions are so subtle, especially in the early stages, that they may not even be picked up by other healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to have a high degree of watchfulness and report to the appropriate specialist. It is better to be safe than sorry. In order to do this, this website, and the facebook pages listed here attempt to put together resources, both for families and Healthcare Professionals, that can serve as a ready reference guide. We are hoping that this will enable preventing/ detecting/ managing these conditions {as appropriate to each case } in an early, and patient & family friendly manner, thereby improving outcomes.

I request you to make full use of this information and look forward to your feedback to improve this venture. Please feel free to request knowing about any queries that you may have. If we have many of these queries and if they relate to Paediatric Endocrinology, I shall add a resource here.

When to see Dr. Koppikar ? or a Paediatric Endocrinologist ?

  • Growth concerns : Children’s growth concerns { being too tall/ too short }
  • Children’s overweight or obesity
  • Children’s Diabetes : type 1, type 2 and others {including consideration for modern technology treatments like Insulin Pumps, continuous glucose monitors}
  • Anybody with Diabetes who was diagnosed before one year of age, regardless of how old they are at the time of Consultation.
  • (this is because there could be certain tests that need to be sent that may determine if you could come off your Insulin and change over to tablets)
  • Thyroid :underactive, overactive or any other
  • Some types of bone, calcium and Vitamin D problems,
  • Intersex problems {your child’s private parts /genitalia looking rather unusual}
  • Adrenal gland or Pituitary gland problems
  • If your baby was diagnosed to have low or high blood sugars at any point in time that lasted for more than two days, even if all is okay now.
  • Not developing into an adult by 13 years of age
  • Not having started periods by 16 years of age
  • Boys with breast enlargement
  • Girls with any kind of period problems
  • Having armpit, pubic hair, breast enlargement before the age of 9 years
  • Turner’s syndrome
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Noonan’s syndrome

The following conditions themselves and/or their treatments cause hormonal imbalance :

  • Children with Cancer, Thalassemia, Aplastic anaemia, ?? Sickle-cell disease
  • Children with mouth defects like cleft lip and cleft palate
  • Children who are born blind in one or both eyes

Conditions needing discussing with Dr. Koppikar

Dr Smita Koppikar

A high blood sugar {more than 150 } or a low blood sugar {less than 70), an abnormal blood calcium or sodium in the age group 0-18 years :

Your child may look well despite having these abnormal blood sugar tests. Unless prompt and appropriate medical intervention is put in place, these conditions can deteriorate very quickly leading to the child needing admission to the Intensive Care unit and/ or the child getting fits or faints. You would do well to call Dr. Koppikar to discuss the best and most safe and stable way to get your child assessed appropriately. An attempt to increase awareness amongst doctors on this topic is ongoing.

A child below three years of age with an abnormal thyroid function test result:

Normal thyroid is one of the multiple factors required for a baby’s optimal brain growth. Newborn babies are often born will poorly functioning thyroid glands, EVEN IF their mother does not have a thyroid problem. A simple screening test for this easily treatable condition is not yet being done universally in India. If your child fits this category, seeing him/her asap and starting treatment if need be can save valuable points of your child’s IQ. Please call Dr. Koppikar .

Dr Smita Koppikar

Please mail Dr. Koppikar on

Out-station patients

For those who are planning a trip for consultation, kindly use the feedback form to send as much detail about your child as possible. Many of the conditions I deal with need multi-professional input. I would like to see that you make the most of your trip and that your child’s multiple appointments are co-ordinated in a manner that causes least difficulty to you all.

Appointment woes

The toll-free number for appointments is 1800221166. If you have any trouble getting appointments, please use the feedback form on this website, putting as much detail as possible, including the time and date you called, the person you spoke to , and the nature of your difficulty. Your email will be forwarded directly to the relevant internal monitoring systems. Kindly remember to put your child’s full name and date of birth for whom you seek the appointment, and your own contact number.


Any feedback, positive or negative will be gratefully received with a view to improving the care delivered. Your view from a user perspective are very essential for this. Please use the feedback form, which allows you to remain anonymous. Every attempt will be made to send you a reply within two weeks.

Disclaimer : The content on this website is intended as a guide to parents and medical professionals about Children’s Hormonal conditions. It is not intended as a replacement to medical advice, but rather, as an aid until such time the child gets to an appropriate medical professional. Any use of the website and social-media content outside of this context will be entirely at the reader’s own responsibility.