Child Obesity & Overweight

Excess weight in the 0-18 year age group is an increasingly common condition all over the world. Children from affluent society are more likely to be affected. Whilst many cases are lifestyle related {excess calories, less exercise}, some cases could be entirely due to various internal hormonal upsets, or sometimes a small swelling inside the pituitary gland in the brain. Those with lifestyle obesity are prone to complications like high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, pressure on hipbones etc.

It is very essential to pick up an overweight/ obese child by routine growth monitoring {see tab on growth chart }. Even if not clearly overweight, a rising weight trend can be picked up and dealt with early.

If you think your child may belong to this category, or your child simply does not have a growth chart made, it may be worth a Paediatric Endocrinology consultation.